Biotivia, Bio Quench Super Antioxidant, 13,580 ORAC, Dietary supplement, 60 Veg Capsules

Bioforte has become the world's most popular longevity supplement. It is now the lowest cost per 100mg of all Consumer Lab approved resveratrol brands. Bioforte is also second only to Transmax in potency. For proven quality, integrity potency and value no other resveratrol product compares to Bioforte. If that was not already enough to make Bioforte the top selling resveratrol supplement, now we offer dramatically increased vital biovailability. Resveratrol's extraordinary effects as shown in the Harvard study of Nov. 2006 speak for themselves. Bioforte's critical GM-Free Trans-Resveratrol content is an exceptional 250mg., manufactered to FDA CGMP standards and packed in Nitrogen-filled bottles. Satisfaction is 100% guananteed.

Super antioxidant
Trans-resveratrol 75%
Dietary supplement

Pugster Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Murano Glass Bracelet Loose Beads

Beautiful Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Colori Murano Glass Beads are accentuated with a silver foil design. This tube shaped motif is adorned with an interior layer of silver foil giving it a striking look. Murano beads originated from Venice, and the colori bead is inspired by the Venetian Murano glass. Each Murano colori bead is made by hand, so each will be slightly different through length, height, and width. This Murano bead has a height of about 18mm and a length of about 12mm, and is authenticated by Pugster (TM), Inc. Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Colori Murano Glass Beads are available through wholesale and retail in our store. Murano colori beads are sold in packages of 5pc/pack-

Color: Gold, Yellow
Metal: Silver Foil
Note: every piece of hand-made glass is slightly different in pattern and shape.
Size (mm): 18x12mm
Shape: Tube