Self-Confidence...for Surviving The Office

How others relate to us in the office is a reflection of them. How we respond to those interactions, whether we like it or not, will always be a reflection of us…Working in, or cooperating with, an office can be the starting point for many people as they begin their careers. Without self-confidence an office can be a minefield as new employees discover the pitfalls of dealing with personalities. They need self-confidence to understand the pecking order of authority, and to interact with those who may influence the success or failure of their careers. If an office experience occurs, which damages a person’s self-image it can impact on every other aspect of the employee’s life, both in and out of the office. This book will provide a proven process for office workers to enhance their self-image, and to gain and maintain self-confidence that lasts forever. When you know how self-confidence works you will survive any office, and unleash your own unlimited potential…

Pair of Black Water Buffalo Horn Hooks - BY33: 12g

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